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The Equi-Sky Lycra Fly Mask With Ears features a soft, stretchy, Lycra material for unbeatable comfort! It has mesh eyes for maximum visibility and protection and mesh ear openings to provide ventilation and protection. Durable stitching around the edges and a tab at nose makes for easy removal. Also features a zipper under the chin for better fit and makes this mask easy to put on and take off.

Regular Items

ItemColourSize Retail
317770-19/LTURQUOISE-19LARGE $36.50
317770-19/MTURQUOISE-19MEDIUM $36.50
317770-19/STURQUOISE-19SMAL $36.50
317770-19/XLTURQUOISE-19X-LARGE $36.50
317770-22/LPURPLE-22LARGE $36.50
317770-22/MPURPLE-22MEDIUM $36.50
317770-22/SPURPLE-22SMAL $36.50
317770-22/XLPURPLE-22X-LARGE $36.50
317770-27/LBLACK-27LARGE $36.50
317770-27/MBLACK-27MEDIUM $36.50
317770-27/SBLACK-27SMAL $36.50
317770-27/XLBLACK-27X-LARGE $36.50
317770-37/LFUSCHIA-37LARGE $36.50
317770-37/MFUSCHIA-37MEDIUM $36.50
317770-37/SFUSCHIA-37SMAL $36.50
317770-37/XLFUSCHIA-37X-LARGE $36.50

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