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The fit is better than ever with the brand New SureFit Protective Sheet from Kensington. This new pattern is a hybrid, offering the best qualities of both the Traditional and European Cuts. The benefits of the Protective Sheet is the durable 1000 x 2000 Denier Textiline, which is 78% air permeable and non-heat transferring, making it a perfect choice for summer. Protects your horse's true coat color from fading during summer by blocking 73% of harmful UV rays. SureFit includes REmovable Criss-Cross Belly Straps, double buckles and keepers, lined chest and wither area, padded wither for mane protection and detachable elastic leg straps.

Regular Items

ItemColourSize Retail
317594-82BLACK ICE PLAID-8275 $289.95
317596-82BLACK ICE PLAID-8278 $289.95
317597-82BLACK ICE PLAID-8281 $289.95
317598-82BLACK ICE PLAID-8284 $289.95
317599-82BLACK ICE PLAID-8287 $289.95
317594-64LAVENDER MINT PLAID-6475 $289.95
317596-64LAVENDER MINT PLAID-6478 $289.95
317597-64LAVENDER MINT PLAID-6481 $289.95
317598-64LAVENDER MINT PLAID-6484 $289.95
317599-64LAVENDER MINT PLAID-6487 $289.95
317594-21NAVY PLAID-2175 $289.95
317594-65HUNTER PLAID-6575 $289.95
317594-70BLACK PLAID-7075 $289.95
317594-81RED PLAID-8175 $289.95
317596-21NAVY PLAID-2178 $289.95
317596-65HUNTER PLAID-6578 $289.95
317596-70BLACK PLAID-7078 $289.95
317596-81RED PLAID-8178 $289.95
317597-21NAVY PLAID-2181 $289.95
317597-65HUNTER PLAID-6581 $289.95
317597-70BLACK PLAID-7081 $289.95
317597-81RED PLAID-8181 $289.95
317598-21NAVY PLAID-2184 $289.95
317598-65HUNTER PLAID-6584 $289.95
317598-70BLACK PLAID-7084 $289.95
317598-81RED PLAID-8184 $289.95
317599-70BLACK PLAID-7087 $289.95
317599-81RED PLAID-8187 $289.95

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